Church Pipe Organ - Rigged and with Adjustable Chair

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Church Pipe Organ is ready to populate your scene with a rigged keyboard and knobs that allow for full utilization of any scene.

It hissed, its growl reverberrating around the holy walls for its song had now begun.

This model has

  • Fully rigged keyboard, pipe knobs and pedals
  • Fully textured
  • Chair 116 vertices, Organ 9291 verticies, keys 2136 verticies, total: 14,729 vertices | 11,030 faces
  • Adjustable chair
  • Two full keyboards of 4.5 octives and pedalboard of 2.5 octives with limit rotation constraint so they move like real keys
  • 2 expression pedals
  • 7 stops with shape keys to open/close
  • 135 pipes

File Formats

  • .blend | .fbx (The .fbx works but only the rotation constraints don't)


  • Blender 2.69, 2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.0

An underrated musical marvel, the organ produces unique and memorable music of emotion.

Using the fully rigged keyboard, knobs and pedals you can give your scene full life, emphasis and customizability using poses.

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Rigged organ with adjustable chair

Blender versions
2.6x, 2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
Other support
ROYALTY FREE. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, but you cannot resell, redistribute or repackage this product without explicit permission from the creator. You cannot use this product in a logo, watermark or trademark. Shaders, materials and texture products do not count towards this, if used in a secondary manner.
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Church Pipe Organ - Rigged and with Adjustable Chair

0 ratings
I want this!