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Animating shape keys through drivers, utilizing the visual representation of bones or objects to animate their value, is a favored process for animators.

However, the challenge arises when attempting to export this data from Blender, as drivers aren't something that can be copied to other engines. And because the keyframes of these shape keys are stored within the armature as drivers, the animation becomes lost.

Enter the Driver Exporter: a solution comprising only of two buttons! Simply select the objects, ensure the animations are in NLA strips, and let the addon take care of the rest by providing freshly baked shape keys, delivered to the object directly.

This approach liberates the shape keys from their armature.

Overwhelmed by bones and drivers? Check out DriverRig as a tool to automate the creation of controls for shape keys, and mix that with Master Shape Keys for a better price (also has Driver Exporter) -

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Panel NLA Editor ‣ NLA Strip ‣ Action

Bake Drivers
For all all selected objects, bake the values of all shape keys (with drivers) to keyframes. This is baked from all NLA Strips of the active object, creating one new NLA Strip created for each NLA Strip in the active object

Remove Drivers
Remove drivers from all shape keys of all selected objects

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Blender versions
2.93, 3.x, 4.x
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Driver Exporter

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