Volumetric Fog Ball - Eevee

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Obscuring parts of your shot in the distance or at close could prove tricky and problematic without the right tools, since generating volumes in Blender doesn’t have that optimized control and flexibility. This results in preview lagginess, slowed workflow and the potential hell-on-earth when you’d want to change the fog’s behaviour, location, color, size or density.

The Volumetric Fog Ball is capable of generating different amounts of fog inside itself and all around its outside. You can put your entire scene within the ball, or position the ball in parts of your scene where you'd like to achieve its great effect. 

This pack includes

  • 1 adjustable fog ball & skybox controls
  • 1 tutorial for creating horizon-like effect + settings

With the control over its fogginess, there's also the slider that can control the skybox, further adding to the custom effects that you can achieve. With this you can easily recreate The Mist and fill the shadows-unseen with monsters-impatient. Or you can create the long-distance effect strewn across the horizon.

The images below show you the results of the horizon tutorial that's included with the Fog Ball. You'll also get the settings for each type of result.


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and open the .blend project.

Is this an addon (script)?

  • No, it’s a plugin that uses a .blend file that has all the assets, textures and logic (node groups) inside for direct use. You can copy any of them over to any of your projects, while also preserving their original functionality. Before use, un-zip the archive.

How many fog balls can I have in a scene?

  • You can have 1, but it’s plenty to do the job.




Shader Editor ‣ World Tab  ‣ World – Inlet


Real-time update


Input a color, shader or ‘Environment’ node to give color to the ‘skybox’ of the scene. This does not impact the environmental ‘global’ lighting

Environment Darken
Darken the environment and the ‘Global Light’ together

Global Light
The brightness and color of the ‘Global Light’… a light which casts no shadows and comes equally from all directions. You can also use a shader or an ‘Environment’ node (such as the same Environment node as used in the Environment input)

Fog Color
The color of the scene’s fog

How thick the fog is

How sharply or softly the fog ‘starts’ at the edges of the ‘sky fog controller’. A higher value produces a sharper result

Mist Color
The color of the mist. Mist is similar to fog except it’s able to be emissive

The brightness of the fog’s emission. Higher values are brighter

How sharply or softly the mist ‘starts’ at the edges of the ‘sky fog controller’. A higher value produces a sharper result

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2.83, 2.93, 3.x
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Volumetric Fog Ball - Eevee

0 ratings
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