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Ever wanted to precisely drag mesh and create basic map geometry like walls and floors, and would try to use the grid as a guide and tool? Yea, you’d have found yourself victim to it’s awful and inaccurate design.

That’s why this addon adds 3 buttons that can also be keybound. Double or halve the size of the grid, or reset it to default. Now here’s the best part, it works on all viewports at the same time (yep, without this addon it’s just broken). To top it all up, assign hotkeys to those buttons for maximum efficiency.

In your addon’s Preferences you can enable the functionality of having the size of the grid show up in the UI. Also if you don’t want the grid to change the same in every single viewport, you can toggle that off so each viewport would act independently to targeted resizing.

For users of the Imperial measurement system, the UI will appropriately show that system, so long as you've set that as the default in Blender.

You can also adjust the minimum and maximum values of how far the grid can go in your Preferences.

That’s all the Grid Scaler is here to do. From animation to modelling, to rigging and especially map design, the ability to cleanly and reliably resize your grid is now in your hands.


Version 1.2 - Grid Sizer: Increment - Upgrade

  • Added the ability to increment the size of the Grid (increase or decrease by a specific, constant value) as well as scale (multiply and divide) it
  • Added new features to ‘Display Size’, the on-screen indicator of the Grid’s current size. It can now automatically switch between cm/m and inches/feet when the size is lower than a given value
  • Improved compatibility with the Imperial Units system
  • Improved the UI of the Addon preferences menu and the descriptions of the settings

Version 1.1

  • Added the preference to display the current grid size in meters or feet on the UI
  • Added the preference have the grid of every 3D Viewport synchronize (or not) when the grid size is changed


Can I assign hotkeys?

  • Yes, just right click on the button and assign your desired hotkey.

The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?


3D Viewport ‣ Header ‣ Tool Settings


Scale Up/Down
Makes the grid smaller or bigger, multiplying or dividing its current size by 2 (default) to double or half it

Makes the grid smaller or bigger by adding or subtracting a specified value

Resets the grid to the default scale of 1 meter cubed (default)


Addon Preferences
Default Size
The scale of the grid that will be returned to if the Reset button is used

Display Types
The type of resizing settings to display in the 3D Viewport UI, either Incremental, Scaling or both

Scale Steps
How much to scale the grid by, the default of 2 doubling and halving each time. This value is used as “current scale * steps” for Scale Up and “current scale / steps” for Scale Down

Min/Max Value
The biggest and smallest the grid is allowed to be snapped to. Clicking Scale Up or Scale Down will do nothing if the grid is already at its limit.

How much to change the scale of the grid by each click, used as “current scale +/- increment”. For Imperial units, you can enter “1/12” into this field for one inch increments

Match Areas
Update the scale of all Grids; otherwise, only the Grid located in the same 3D Viewport as the button that was clicked will be scaled

Display Size
Add a text indicator of the Grid’s current size in the 3D Viewport beside the other buttons. The following two settings alter the behaviour of this display

Display Rounding
Rounds the displayed value to a given number of decimal places

Unit Switch
The units of the Display are in meters (or feet if you’re using Imperial units). When this values goes below the threshold set here, the display will switch to using centimetres (or inches).

Setting this value to 0 will ensure the unit is never switched (always use m/feet). Likewise, inserting a value to -1 will force the switch to always be used (always use cm/inches)

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2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
This addon is based on the General Public License (GPL). A copy of it is provided after purchase. With this license, you have the right to use the software for any purpose; change the software to suit your needs; share the software with your friends and neighbors; share the changes you make
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Grid Sizer

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