NLA Strip Merger

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The Non-Linear Animation editor can get crowded real quick as more and more keyframes are grouped together to form strips (sequences). But amidst the order disorder lurks as the editor can  become overcrowded and borderline chaotic.

NLA Strip Merger solves that problem by allowing you to merge multiple strips into one, removing the clutter and allowing for greater clarity. It gives the option for selected NLA strips (animating objects or bones) taking precedent over higher NLA strips, or ignoring others completely.

  • Merges any selected NLA strips into one
  • Applies any ‘animated influence’ and ‘animated time’ into it
  • Makes a new action, names it and removes the old Strips
  • Applies any modification like stepped interpolation, time changing, looping

NLA Merger Plus

  • Bake both the selected object and the bones of the selected object, instead of having to choose one or the other
  • Bake any valid animated values
  • The newly baked strip will no longer just be sent to the bottom track in the NLA. It will instead look for the closest available track from the strips initially selected


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?



PanelNLA ‣ Context Menu (right click)


Merge Pose Strips
Bakes animation of selected pose bones, applying all selected NLA strips: their modifiers, settings, blending, etc.. Available in Pose Mode.

Merge Object Strips
Bakes animation of selected object, ignoring unselected strips and bones. Applies all selected NLA strips: their modifiers, settings, and blending.

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2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
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NLA Strip Merger

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