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Ever found yourself with a bunch of assets with the origins all in the wrong places? Ever had to manually go through each of them, fiddling around with snapping and alignments? It’s time to turn that aside and give a glance to Origin Aligner.

You can set the origin at the bottom, top, any side of your mesh, allowing you to snap it to the floor, ceiling or wall of any other mesh with maximum precision. The Grid option snaps the object’s origin the closest point on the grid.

You can also center the object’s origin before aligning it. That way it will align to the ‘middle’ of the base instead of just snapping to the base. In Edit mode you can align the origin to a face

Origin Align: Smart Center version takes the context of where the mesh is on that given side, useful anytime the base of an object doesn’t line up with its bounds centre.

It analyses the mesh on the assigned side and centres the object based on its geometry. For example, with a wall-mounted light fixture, it aligns the origin with the geometry of the arm's end, while the standard version would just snap to the given side.

This ensures more natural and precise placements in a way that makes sense for the given context, especially when dealing with complex or asymmetrical objects.


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?

Properties ‣ Object ‣ Transform ‣ Origin Align

Align Origin
Snaps the origin of selected object(s) to the side of the model specified or to the grid. Exactly how it does this is decided by the settings

Side of the mesh to align the origin to. Top, Bottom, etc… it uses the world X, Y, Z to determine what is forward (X, front; Y, right; Z, up)
Center First
Centers the object origin on the center of the object’s bounds before snapping. This can be seen as similar to ‘resetting’ the origin point before snapping occurs

Origin Align: Smart variant
Smart Center
Enables the smart center feature, measuring the locations of the vertices to find the optimal ‘center’ point. So for example snapping to the Top will get the vertex with the highest Z value and find the average bounds location of all vertices with the same Z value

Rounds the vertex locations to this number of decimal places. Blender appears to struggle at high precision, and usually a precision of 1 decimal place is adequate anyway

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2.93, 3.x, 4.x
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Origin Align

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