Smoking Pipe Pack - Modular, Static

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Imagine a 3D model pack filled with gorgeously crafted smoking pipes that you can modify and play with in a fulfilling way. As you customize the different shapes and sizes of the pipes with a range of modifiers, you’ll find yourself lost in the infinite valley of spontaneous designs. 

This isn’t just a collection, but a breathing canvas for your creative ideas. It’s time to explore and immerse yourself in this new smoking pipe pack and create something utterly unique and magnificent.

Pack includes

  • 70 different pipes
  • 1 modular pipe with 28 shape keys, which affect different specific parts of the mesh and can be used in different combinations to make hundreds of unique pipes. All pipes in the ‘static’ set are possible from the modular pipe
  • All of this is available as .blend and .fbx files
  • 8 CC0 textures with normal maps (you can easily swap between them or add your own)

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Other support
Blender version
2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
ROYALTY FREE. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, but you cannot resell, redistribute or repackage this product without explicit permission from the creator. You cannot use this product in a logo, watermark or trademark. Shaders, materials and texture products do not count towards this, if used in a secondary manner.
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Smoking Pipe Pack - Modular, Static

0 ratings
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