Text Word Art

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Text Word Art

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Inspired by the retro word art from the past with its stylish and colorful expressions (also known as text art), Word Art aims to bring back that style of text in the 3D plains of Blender.

Utilizing the built-in Blender Text tool, nodes and 3 fonts, you can create your stylish text with a few keyboard strokes. Presets have already been prepared so you can get the exhibited results fast and easy; all the while, retaining control over any changes or presets you'd make.

Font pack includes:

  • 3 font files (.ttf, Open Font License)
  • 23 font presets
  • 24 procedural materials

Enjoy the many variables and full control over how your word art would appear, whether it'd be its materials or overall shape. Create tacky posters or animated text for your animation, thumbnail of cover.

This plugin is Royalty Free. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, but:

  • You cannot resell, redistribute or repackage this product without explicit permission from the creator.
  • You cannot use this product in a logo, watermark or trademark. Shaders, materials and texture products do not count towards this, if used in a secondary manner.
I want this!
Royalty Free
Blender versions
2.83, 2.93, 3.x
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