Update-Run: Debug & Programme

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Have you ever thought about how unnecessary it is to update and run a script in Blender's Text Editor? While it’s far from being complex, the little ritual of clicking ‘Resolve’, then ‘Reload’ then ‘Play’ becomes strenuous and borderline absurd.

UpdateRun has just one button that updates the script from disk, resolves conflicts, and runs it all in one click. If the button’s not red, it’ll run the script just as in default Blender.

But wait, there’s more: by default there is no way to clear the terminal, but now you can easily do that, in addition to having a timestamp and text telling you when the script has finished running.

Update-Run Plus

This variant includes everything from Update-Run, plus benchmarking code and showing it in graphs withtin your browser using SnakeVis, adding a Protect State for your code, and having the ability to revert your code at each run which can help for rapid testing.

This can show you where certain functions are being repeated too many times, or unintended actions are throttling the performance of your script. With that in mind, you can find the issues easier and flesh out your work.

When you're programming a script directly in Blender, and that would lead to errors or changes of the UI, that can rattle your workplace and lead to a lot of redundant re-openings of the programming tab.

When you use Protect State, your programming tab will remain in frame at all times no matter of your script's outcome.

It’s time to save some time and lotta mouse clicks!


Are there tutorials?

  • Of course, check the Documentation section below.

The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?




Panel > Text Editor


This runs the script just as in default Blender. However, if the Run button is red, it means Blender is using an outdated version of the script. Pressing Run will first ‘reload’ the script and then run the new version.

If the script is only local (saved in Blender and not referencing a file saved on the disk) this button will operate the same as in default Blender

Inside the ‘cog wheel’ icon to the right of the Run button

Clear Terminal
When true, the system terminal linked to Blender will be cleared every time the script runs

Print Name
When true, the name of the script being ran will be displayed on the system terminal linked to Blender

Print Time
When true, the time the script was ran will be displayed on the system terminal linked to Blender in an ‘hh:mm:ss’ format

Print Finished
When true, the system terminal will display when the script has finished its operation

Update Run Plus, Benchmark

Start Benchmark
This starts the process of benchmarking/profiling Blender’s processes. When benchmarking is active, the ‘Benchmark’ drop-down changes from a drop-down to an illuminated button. Clicking this ends the process. Depending on your other settings, this may then open SnakeVis or print the result to the system terminal

Console-Print Result
This will print any benchmarking/profiling data to the system terminal

Run SnakeVis
This will open any benchmarking/profiling in SnakeVis. If SnakeVis is not installed to Blender’s version of Python, it will attempt to install it

Update Run Plus

If true, the Blender save file will be reverted each time the script is run. This is the same as pressing the ‘Revert’ button in ‘File > Revert’. This can be useful if a script you’re testing destructively change the scene. This will not happen if the file has never been saved. The file will be reverted before the script is run.

Protect State
If true, several things in the scene will be protected from change, which can be useful if a script you’re testing changes things. It will protect the active object and what objects are selected and the interaction mode you are in. It will also protect the Editor Type (3D view, NLA, Properties) from being changed

Update Run Plus, Benchmark

Print benchmark
If true, the result of a benchmark will automatically be sent to the system terminal when benchmarking has been stopped

Open SnakeVis
If true, the result of a benchmark will automatically be opened in SnakeVis when benchmarking has been stopped. If SnakeVis is not installed, it will attempt to install it

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Update-Run: Debug & Programme

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