Vertex Group Collections

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Organizing vertex groups used to be a nightmare because you couldn't give them a folder structure in native Blender.

This is where Vertex Group Collections saves the day and allows for full control over your vertex groups. Bring structure to the chaos, a folder structure, that is.

With this new management system you can rename and organize which vertex groups go in which folder, including the benefit of subfolders for full tidiness and ease of use. It's been stress tested up to 1000 vertex groups on a model, where performance can degrade significantly. But it's doubtful one would reach even half of that number.

Shape Key Collections, another addon, also allows for a folder structure -


How many vertex groups can I have in a model?

  • It’s been stress tested up to 1000 vertex groups on a model, where performance and stability can degrade significantly. But it’s doubtful one would reach even half of that number.

Are there tutorials?

  • Of course, check the Documentation section below.

The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?




Object Data ‣ Vertex Groups

Addon Settings

Toggle Option Location
Change where the target folder selection is located. 1st option is next to a vertex group or folder; 2nd option is under the entire list


Add a new vertex group or remove the active vertex group or folder. If you remove an open folder, its children will become a child of the folder the now-removed folder was a child of (they will step down in the hierarchy). If you remove a closed folder, the folder and anything inside of it will be removed

Rearrange the order of vertex group or folders. An item may not be moved outside of a folder it belongs to, or into a folder it doesn’t belong to

Add Folder
Creates a ‘Folder’ object inside the list of vertex group, which can have vertex groups or other folders put into them to create a structured hierarchy

Folder Toggle
Open and close the folder. Closing a folder hides everything inside of it, for a more tidy UI

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Vertex Group Collections

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