Weapon & Impact Particles

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Need a nice muzzle flash for your handgun or assault rifle, or any weapon in general? What about impact effects for different types of materials? Let’s not also forget about the physics collisions!

All of these effects are optimized and are way easier for previews and renders than effects generated through Cycles, as in smoke and other volumes.

Level up your particle system game by also getting the Particle Groups addon by us, as it allows you to group particle systems together and fully control the entire group, without having to go to each particle system and changing it individually.

Check Documentation to see the particles in action with the short tutorials for use of the plugin.

Particle Groups addonhttps://blendermarket.com/products/particle-groups

The pack contains:

  • 12 particle systems
  • 10 high quality fire textures
  • 2 procedural 'smoke' materials

Particle systems:

  • 5 'bullet impact' effects, for flesh, concrete, wood, glass and metal
  • 2 'light' versions of the impact effects, for faster rendering
  • 2 'muzzle flash' systems, for single shot and full-auto fire
  • 2 'shell discharges', with shotgun shells and normal bullet shells
  • 1 'smoking muzzle' which can follow the motion of a gun


How do I rotate the muzzle flash?

  • Copy the particle system to your project
  • Locate the ‘flash’ particle effect within the copied system
  • Adjust the ‘phase’ parameter to change the angle of the flash
  • For more precise control, modify the Dimension Axis to Object X, Y, or Z. This will make the particle align with the rotation of the object that creates it.

The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and open the .blend project.

Is this an addon (script)?

  • No, it’s a plugin that uses a .blend file that has all the assets, textures and logic (node groups) inside for direct use. You can copy any of them over to any of your projects, while also preserving their original functionality. Before use, un-zip the archive.


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Easily add to your weapon a muzzle flash, bullet impact particles effects for different materials, physics to the impact and smoke after the gun shots.

Blender versions
2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
ROYALTY FREE. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, but you cannot resell, redistribute or repackage this product without explicit permission from the creator. You cannot use this product in a logo, watermark or trademark. Shaders, materials and texture products do not count towards this, if used in a secondary manner.
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Weapon & Impact Particles

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