Weather Particles - Rain, Snow, Fog, Lightning

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Particle systems tend to have this overlay effect that feels artificial to the eye, especially when the particle system follows the camera as it moves. But instead of an overlay effect, we’re looking for one that feels like it belongs to the scene, giving it depth and atmosphere.


  • Blender 2.83, 2.93, 3.0

Weather Particles Contain:

Ground fog / rain splash volumetric shader

12 3D meshes:

  • Raindrop (4 vertices)
  • Rain 'Splash' (7 vertices)
  • Snowflake (12 vertices)
  • 8 lightning bolts (1497 vertices in total, average 187 each)

6 Particle Presets

  • Heavy & Soft Snow
  • Heavy & Light Rain
  • Rain Splashing
  • Lightning Striking

Custom Textures

  • Snow Textures (2040x2048: color, bump, normal, specular)
  • Shaders for the raindrops, snowflakes and lightning
  • Procedural 'Splashing Surface'

Presets Pack Contains:

Everything the Weather Particles pack has... in addition to simple scenes set up, with particle effects, lighting, basic geometry and environmental fog. These scenes can be copied over and used without having to set up all the particles and other effects yourself.

  • Heavy rainstorm
  • Light rain with lighting flashes
  • Dawn mist
  • Snowstorm

Snow Particles Contain:

Ground fog / rain splash volumetric shader

Snowflake 3D Mesh (12 verticies):

2 Particle Effect Presets

  • Heavy & Soft Snow

Snow Textures (2040x2048: color, bump, normal, specular)

Rain Particles Contain:

Ground fog / rain splash volumetric shader

3 3D meshes:

  • 2D mist shader (4 verticies)
  • rain drop (4 verticies)
  • rain splash (7 verticies)

Procedural 'splashing surface' shader

3 Particle Effect Presets

Heavy & Light Rain

Thunderstorm Particles Contain:

8 3D meshes: Lightning Bolt:

  • 1497 vertices in total
  • Average 187 each

Procedural Lightning Shader

1 Lightning Strike Particle Effect


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and open the .blend project.

How do I activate an addon?

Is this an addon (script)?

  • No, it’s a plugin that uses a .blend file that has all the assets, textures and logic (node groups) inside for direct use. You can copy any of them over to any of your projects, while also preserving their original functionality. Before use, un-zip the archive.

My thunder looks basic

  • Enable bloom for thunder’s true form!

I can’t find the particle systems in the file

  • Each particle system has its own scene. In order to access it, you have to change the scene.


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Weather Particles - Rain, Snow, Fog, Lightning

0 ratings
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